My life’s dream

My name is Adam, I am 29 years old. Despite my disability, I stay positive every day and still have many dreams to realise… I love electronic music and I’m passionate about photography. However, my greatest dream is to be able to Live a Normal Life… I don’t know to what extent it will come true, but I continue to believe that my life will finally change…

now additionally collect funds to purchase state of the art equipment to reduce gait which is exoskeleton. This is an American invention that has revolutionized the world of neurological physiotherapy. It works where human muscles fail. The cost of the device is up to 618 000 zł with VAT. Unfortunately, I can not afford such a purchase with their own funds, so I turn to you people of good will for financial support – every penny counts! you need to purchase the exoskeleton is today the most modern device offering effective rehabilitation and hope for a faster recovery.

American invention that has revolutionized the world of neurological physiotherapy .
This modern device for rehabilitation has its roots in military technology .
exo may not be bulletproof armor as Iron man pages , but it is helpful wherever human muscles fail
The device allows people with spinal cord interrupted practice in anticipation of the moment when longer possible to reconstruct a damaged spine. walk .. The cost of equipment is 6180 thousand zł .z VAT
I can not afford to purchase exoskeleton with their own funds , hence the turn of the request to the people

With kind regards,


If you’d like to help me, please donate to the Foundation.
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By donating money you remain anonymous. I don’t know the benefactor’s details.
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